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Continuing Lenapehoking, the Lenape Homeland

kwëlaha nkàski wëlitehanèn - we hope we will have good thoughts

- Executive Director Joe Baker

Living Land Acknowledgments

Cultural continuance


Lenape Center has the mission of continuing Lenapehoking, the Lenape homeland through community, culture, and the arts.

Since 2009, Lenape Center based in Manhattan and led by Lenape elders has created programs, exhibitions, workshops, performances, symposia, land acknowledgment, and ceremonies to continue our Lenape presence. We push back against our erasure and seed the ground with Lenape consciousness for the next generations.

Lenape Center is working towards the creation of a physical culture center.


The Lenape Center proudly acknowledges that the Lenape diaspora includes five federally recognized nations in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Ontario. Lenape Center does not speak for these nations and recognizes they have active thriving tribal governments that speak for themselves.