Let us tell our history and share our knowledge.

Since 2009, Lenape Center has been committed to resisting the erasure of the Lenape people in their ancestral homeland of NYC and the greater Northeast through efforts to preserve, promote, and create Lenape arts, culture, and language (Unami). As a Lenape-led organization, together we offer the history, knowledge, and perspective that is unavailable in the literature today.

The leaders of Lenape Center speak regularly at events for a variety of audiences including the general public, educators, health and social service providers, students, community organizations, NGOs, foundations, and corporations. We are also available for virtual presentations. Please reach out with inquiries via email


Lenape Center has extensive experience visiting elementary/middle/high school classrooms to answer questions about Indigenous People’s Day and Native American history, as well as sharing stories and cultural practices of the Lenape.


At the university level, Lenape Center has offered lecture series and workshops on various topics that help students and educators examine historic injustices that have impacted the Lenape, including Living Land Acknowledgments, Lenape perspectives of Well-being, Sustainable Development, and Lenape Experiences of Human Rights.


Lenape Center has offered workshops and symposiums to organizations that help participants examine the historic and continued erasure of Lenapehoking, and then empower them to create their own Living Land Acknowledgments which serve to strengthen and grow their organization.